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      Purpose: the solid fermenter produced by our company is widely used in all kinds of fermentation fields, including medicine, food, brewing, bio-fertilizer and biological feed industry.
      Structure performance: biological solid fermenter is composed by driving system, outer jacket, inner cylinder, heating, sterilization, cooling system and spraying device, etc.
      Mechanical driving system: the equipment user can choose stirring speed according to process features of the products.
      Heating, sterilization, cooling system: heating and cooling is done by outer jacket, external spiral piece inside the fermenter and hollow mixing shaft which gives good cooling and heating result, short cooling and temperature decreasing time. The heating steam will not contact with fermentation carrier during high-temperature sterilization process, therefore ideal humidity degree of the materials is maintained inside the fermenter. Thermo-hygrometer is installed inside the middle part of the fermenter from which the temperature and humidity of materials can be known at any time. Sterile air inlets are set at two sides on lower part of the fermenter. The air is evenly distributed at bottom part via horizontal and vertical movement by spiral piece which enables even contact and complete mixing of materials and the sterile air. Spraying and inoculation device is installed on top part which enables inoculation and timely humidity adjusting of solid materials during fermentation process.

      固體發酵罐功能/Functions of solid fermenter
      1. Solid fermentation can be performed
      2. can be used as solid mixing machine
      3. high temperature sterilization is available
      4. can be used as a high or low temperature dryer
      5. can be used as a vacuum dryer when connecting with vacuum in process or pipe

      全自動控制發酵設備/Full-Automatic fermentation equipment
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