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    1. MVR蒸發系統設備廠家-無錫弘通石化裝備有限公司歡迎您!

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      環保業務一Environmental protection business
      Energy-saving sewage & wastewater treatment systems, hazardous waste, turn-key project and management of treatment and recycling of industrial wastewater which is hard to be treated, technical consultation services.
      新加坡海水淡化工程  Singapore Seawater Desalination Project
      新加坡中水回用工程Singapore Intermediate Water Reuse Project
      汽提設備VOC去除 Stripping VOC Removal Equipment

      傳統二效蒸發設備 Traditional Double-Effect Evaporation Equipment

      MVR蒸餾技術  MVR Distillation Technology
      MVR蒸發設備  MVR Evaporation Equipment
      High Salinity And High COD, High Volatile Organic Wastewater Comprehensive Treatment Process Diagram 

      廢有機溶劑回收設備   Waste Organic Solvent Recovery Equipment

      陶瓷膜廢潤滑油回收設備  Ceramic Membrane Waste Lubricating Oil Recycling Equipment

      鍍鋅廠廢酸的回收  Waste Acid Recycling Of  Zinc Factory

      含重金屬廢水的處理及回用  Treatment And Reuse Of Wastewater Containing Heavy Metals

      油墨廢水的處理  Printing Ink Wastewater Treatment

      污泥干化技術  Sludge Drying Technology

      新型危廢無害化處理兼產蒸汽和發電   Harmless treatment of new-type of hazardous waste  with steam production and power generation

      綜合危廢處理回收理念和實踐 Integrated Hazardous Waste  Treatment Recovery Theory And Practice

      新加坡實際綜合危廢處理中心(ECO)  SingaporeActual Comprehensive Hazardous Waste Treatment Centre (ECO)

      10 million SPD is invested in Singapore in 1996 and initial purchasing is made in 2015 with 250 million SPD. Now we are the largest and most advanced hazardous waste treatment center in Southeast Asia. Anyi is one of the founders of this center. The environmental protection team of Anyi provides main treatment and recycling equipments and participates in management. 
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